Open the Door to Great Futures

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Join Team Blue Door

Every day in America, over 15 million kids (1 out of 4) are left unsupervised after school. In the summer, 43 million kids (3 out of 4) don't have access to critical summer learning programs. Boys & Girls Clubs of America believes that every kid deserves a Great Future.

Help us in opening doors for West Chester/Liberty's kids. Support the Boys & Girls Clubs of West Chester/Liberty! Great Futures Start Here.

We know that America's kids are in crisis. Today's kids are not expected to out earn their parents. They are constantly surrounded by social media and technology that keeps them from being present in the moment. This is why we started the Team Blue Door Campaign.

Team Blue Door is our way of creating sustainability for the programs that we provide to the youth in OUR community. When you pledge a monthly donation, it allows us to open the door to opportunities, to friendships, to GREAT futures. 

It is our hope that you take action and join our team.

What is Team Blue Door?

It is a movement. A movement that wants to take action to ensure that OUR kids do not end up as statistics. Team Blue Door members are those who INVEST in the next generation on a monthly basis to support the work we do here in West Chester/Liberty.

What's in it for me?

Besides knowing you are shaping and changing lives?

Besides the tax benefits?



Team Blue Door Members

  • L'Armour Salon and Nails
  • Dick & Patti Alderson
  • Gail Alshouse
  • Melissa Alexander
  • Mirza Alikhan
  • Bryan Barriger
  • Matthew & Allison Brands
  • Mary Brophy
  • David & Judi Boyko
  • Kevin Bredek
  • James Broyles
  • Jennifer Burke
  • Margaret Bush
  • Chad Carnahan
  • Mark M. & Karen L. Carnahan
  • Mark A Carnahan
  • Scott & Barbara Carter
  • Ritche Chiu
  • Scott & Laurie Clark
  • Donald Crain
  • Noelle Darcy Wilson
  • Joe Dominiak
  • Mark and Jaqueline Eckles
  • Shaun & Tricia Ethier
  • Faye Flavin-Harp
  • Christine French
  • Mark Folta
  • Stella Grady
  • Ted & Mary Haglage
  • Mary Hatterschide
  • Joel and Karen Herzog
  • Melissa Jeffers
  • Neil Jhamb
  • Jill Kelechi
  • Mick and Pam Krieger
  • Ashley & Josh Lang
  • Cheryl Lanham
  • Pius L. Manavalan
  • Dr. Karen Mantia
  • Timothy and Debra Marklay
  • John & Rachel Masheck
  • Chris & Floyd Mays
  • Sean and Chris McIver
  • Patrick and Lisa McLaughlin
  • Kenneth & Katherine Miller
  • Mike and Dina Minneci
  • Dr. Anu Mital
  • Carrie Montgomery
  • Carrie Murray
  • Karen Nagel
  • Kimberly Nguyen
  • Tim Penton
  • Ron Rohlfing
  • Joanna Sears
  • Joe & Michelle Seither
  • Julie Shaffer
  • Beth & Bob Simminger
  • Catherine Shook
  • Rob & Maelyn Siegmann
  • Dean and Nancy Swartz
  • Debbie Vandergriff
  • Elizabeth Waldfogel
  • Deborah Wallace
  • Julia Washington
  • Becky & Todd Wilber
  • Alicia Wilson
  • Kathleen Wood
  • Tom & Sparkle Worley
  • Tom & Judy Zenge
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